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Gasup Integrated services limited is committed to providing quality service to our clients in the area of technical support that meets or exceed expectation. To achieve this, we have set up various professional goals and objectives to ensure that the delivery of technical support to our clients is first-class. Gasup Integrated services limited Quality Policy and objective which form a significant part of our corporate culture has been communicated to all employees and they out rightly understand their roles in achieving them.

In addition, we are committed to ensuring and maintaining high-quality standards in line with international best practices, codes, and standards. The policy is subject to appropriate reviews as may be determined from time to time by the scope and requirements of our business. 


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Fairness
  • Social Responsibility
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 The most important aspect of our business is safety. At GASUP Integrated services limited, we are committed to health and safety as all our service delivery is always in accordance with best practices as stipulated by international safety codes and standards. It is our policy to set high standards of health & safety prior to the commencement of all our projects and service delivery. This policy is geared towards the protection of people, assets, the environment, and our company's reputation. 

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At GASUP Integrated services limited:

✓  We believe that people are our most important asset

✓  We firmly adhere to health and safety codes and standards in order to protect our personnel, our clients, and the environment in which we operate.

✓  We believe that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within our overall business plan.

✓  We believe that identification, assessment, and control of health and safety risks are of equal importance to production and quality.

✓  As a basic requirement, all Gasup Integrated services limited personnel must learn and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the Safety Rules.

✓  It is our responsibility to ensure that all sub-contractors, who carry out any activities on-site, fully understand and follow our safety policies and procedures.

✓  We expect our personnel to carry out their task in a cost and time-effective manner without compromising safety


We have been involved in the successful completion of many projects for many clients

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We have provided clients with highly competent and skilled personnel that have contributed in no small measure in the success story of many companies.

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Our staffs are a team of resourceful people, most of whom have worked in the Oando plc operation in the swamp and land operation and Gas installation and maintenance asset

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Organization Chart

  1. Board Of Directors

  2. Managing Director

  3. EHS Partner


  4. Operation Manager

  1. Finance / Admin

  2. Business Development

  3. Project Engineer

  4. Procurement

  1. Secretary

  2. Project Supervisors


No 1, Aderibigbe Stre
et Ogosco Bus stop, M
asha Kilo, Surulere,
Lagos Surulere, Lagos
, NG. 101283 Nigeria


Office : +234703-1827995